Along with our guest lecturers and generous donors, the school works with a number of academic and scientific institutions involved in education and research programs in Alaska and the Pacific Coastal Ecoregion. The School is a member of the Southeast Alaska Fish Habitat Partnership, a convenor in support of cooperative fish habitat conservation, restoration, and management in freshwater, estuarine and marine ecosystems. In addition, the School has ongoing research and training partnerships with a wide range of other State and Federal agencies, universities and private landowners.

The school’s students and alumni are an integral part of this growing network. Our partners include,

Portland State University‘s  Department of Biology,  Graduate School of Education,  and  Mark O. Hatfield School of Government  |  United States Forest Service’s Tongass National Forest  |  University of California Santa Barbara‘s  Department of Ecology, Evolution & Marine Biology  and  Marine Science Institute  |  University of Alaska Fairbanks  Cooperative Extension Service  and  Center for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence  |  Multi-Agency Rocky Intertidal Network  |  National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration‘s  National Sea Grant Office,  California Sea Grant,  and  Alaska Sea Grant