Can I get college credit for a Tatoosh School course?
Yes! Robust academics are at the core of our programs, and you can get credit. The Tatoosh Summer Semester has been approved for up to 24 quarter units of upper-division college credit by biology, ecology, forestry, natural resource management, political science, geography and environmental studies departments at colleges and universities across the US. Once you have enrolled in a course, you are responsible for working with your registrar, academic or major advisor at your home institution to evaluate the applicability of our curriculum to your degree requirements and needs and the process of transferring units from Portland State University to your institution. In some cases credit can substitute for existing course offerings or be used for independent study/research/internship credits. We are can provide information, communicate directly with your advisor, or join you via phone or Zoom in a meeting or session with your advisor. Evaluation and approval of credit options is on a case-by-case basis. Direct credit for Tatoosh courses is offered through Portland State University.
Do grades transfer?
You will be assigned a letter grade(s) based upon your performance on your course. Whether or not your letter grade(s) are reflected on your transcript or applied toward your major and/or overall GPA depends upon your specific credit arrangement.
What about financial aid?
You may be eligible to apply your own federal financial aid package (Pell Grants, PLUS loans, Direct Loans, Parent loans, etc.) toward the cost of your credit units.  We’ll help you figure out what additional paperwork and correspondence is needed between your financial aid advisors and the Tatoosh School. We can guide you through this process but ultimately you are responsible for ensuring that aid can be and is applied toward the tuition due to your awarding and/or home institution.
In addition, the Tatoosh School’s scholarship program can help offset program costs. Learn more by clicking through to the Bridger Scholarship Program page.