Tatoosh students and alumni are bridgers: grounded in understanding of landscapes and livelihoods, they welcome dialogue and catalyze action. Named for this important job, the Bridger Scholarship Fund supports outstanding applicants who demonstrate need and who see their course as a launching point in their own lives.

Support the Bridger Scholarship Fund

For many of our students, field study would not be possible without the generous support of our donors; at the Tatoosh School, we are committed to making this opportunity available to young people from all walks of life. On average, Bridgers have 39% of their fees covered, with awards ranging from $1,000-6,000.

Email Peter to learn more about our Bridger Scholars, or donate today.

“There are a select number of times in a person’s life that they can look back on and identify as an experience that influenced their future directly. In these last six weeks I’ve expanded not just my education of ecology and environmental policies but also my understanding of how to create positive change. Trying to find words to express the value of this time and my immense gratitude for it is both frustrating in its impossibility and extremely humbling. So, working within the constraints of both language and paper I will say thank you. Thank you for supporting this incredible program and thank you for making my entire experience here possible.”

Apply for a Bridger

Bridger Scholarship aid is available to applicants who show great potential to excel as Tatoosh students and who would be unable to attend without financial aid. Depending upon course type and cost, a typical program award ranges from $1,000 to $6,000. Full tuition scholarships are rare. Do not apply for a higher dollar amount than you need.

Complete applications including an unofficial transcript are reviewed once students are accepted to a Tatoosh program. Incomplete applications are not considered.

Click here to fill out the online application (its ok to click through and not finish it, but the form will not be saved).  If you have questions about the Bridger, email Erin.